How To Use A Home Remedy For Ear Infection Bacteria

It can always be helpful to use a home remedy for ear infection bacteria because it relieves pain and pressure quickly. Most ear pain comes from ear infections and removing the infection naturally removes the pain. You can treat infections right in your own home. However, before trying any home remedies itís a good idea to visit a doctor at least once.

Despite it being an old wives tale, urine can be a cure-all when it comes to treating an ear infection with natural solutions you have at home. A couple drops of urine in the ear that is causing the trouble will not only relieve the pain with its warmth but the ammonia in the urine will kill the bacteria.

Other remedies for dealing with ear infections require items from your kitchen. Most people use garlic and onions for cooking, but they can also kill bacteria. Simmering the garlic and onion along with some olive oil will create oil that can be dropped into the infected ear. The oil works wonders for ear aches.

Lemon juice can be an easy method to remove an infection in the ear. A couple drops put directly into the ear without any dilution will serve as an acidic to the bacteriaís base. Mixing an acid with a base will neutralize the bacteria and kill it.

Vinegar is good for cleaning a variety of things, and an ear is no different. You can combine vinegar and water in a 50/50 ratio to make an at home solution for any ear infection. A few drops in the ear a couple times a day will quickly treat the infection.

Most people also use hydrogen peroxide for disinfecting things on and in the body. It can also be used for ear infections since the bubbling action of the hydrogen peroxide cleans the bacteria out of the ear, eliminating the infection.

A hot compress combined with leaning on the side that has the infected ear can reduce pain and drain the ear of the build-up naturally. Laying on the infected side forces the infection to drip out of the ear, and the hot compress will provide a soothing feeling to the aching.

There are many other remedies that people have tried, and you can also make up your own if you have a good sense of what natural products you have work as cleaners. Make sure you donít put anything dangerous such as bleach and strong cleaning products in your ear. Also donít stick anything in your ear to try to pull the build-up out.

These remedies have been used by people for many years and have been known to work time and time again. When you use a home remedy for ear infection, remember that everyone is different and some of these may work better for you than others. You should always remember that if the symptomes are chronic or continue you should consult your physician.

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